Plus or Minus were contracted to join an internal project team & temporarily fulfil the role of Design Manager. Project Martini’s purpose was to pilot flexible working across 1,200 staff. The pilot was successful & has now turned into a flexible working programme called work:wise. This is one of the cornerstones of Centrica’s West London Property Strategy, which will reduce property costs by up to £10m per annum.

Millstream West


We were an intrinsic part of the team & were exposed to an excellent opportunity to work on & deliver a fully integrated flexible working programme covering Programme Planning, Property, Human Resources, Change Management & IS delivery.

Over an eight month period, our work included:

  • Process Development – development of the office design process & input to the overall implementation process
  • Programming & Planning – assistance with programme, implementation & project planning
  • Development of Briefing, Analysis & Survey Tools – creation of tools to survey requirements, analyse layouts & forecast office occupancy including online survey of whole IS dept [1,800 staff] through 50 managers
  • Accommodation Review – review of existing accommodation, good & bad practice
  • Development of Accommodation Model & Guidelines - development of accommodation model to support work:wise programme & creation of a guide covering all aspects of designing & fitting out office accommodation
  • Project Implementation Management – management & co-ordination of project for initial pilot phase
  • Move Sequence Planning & Management – creation of documentation, communication & management of initial pilot phase

Windsor Millstrea West Floor