Spatial Organisation

Plus or Minus specialises in providing fee based spaceplanning services centred around the principle of Spatial Organisation - the discipline of defining & managing an accommodation model that is appropriate for the capital investment, culture & operational performance of the client’s workplace.

To support our approach to spatial organisation, Plus or Minus works with a concise set of methodologies including consultancy processes, client protocols & working standards, which are documented in internal publication as part of our organisational standards.

We work in an open & communicative way supporting property & facility management teams by developing credible accommodation models that are aligned effectively to deal with strategic plans & day-to-day change.

All of our revenue is derived from direct client consultation fees. We do not undertake any implementation work, enter into reciprocal business arrangements with third parties or receive any form of commission from suppliers or contractors - this means that our advice has never been compromised by commercial arrangements or by financial gain.

Our approach to spaceplanning is objective & creative, developing core spatial principles for each client that establish the foundations on to which the more subjective aspects of the work place can be overlayed. Those clients see demonstrable improvements through:

Our business mentality – advice that is always in the client’s best interests

Exposure to our experience – reducing risk by applying best practice & proven solutions

Spatial modelling – creating structured & dynamic accommodation models that are client specific

Accommodation life cycle – managing change whilst reducing the cost of ownership & churn

Management & statistics – providing concise, high quality information for property related decisions
Plus or Minus has been built on long-term relationships with its clients, where we monitor & maintain their accommodation models as their businesses develop & change over time. This, in turn, has dominated the development of our service offering, our attitude & our commitment to provide work to a consistently high standard.