Telewest Broadband


In terms of accommodation use & management, Telewest Broadband is one of our most dynamic & forward thinking clients. Over the past twelve years we have worked closely with the Group Property & Facilities Management team on a national basis. During this time Telewest’s corporate focus has changed significantly which has meant that as strategic spaceplanning consultants we have supported a variety of complex initiatives requiring diverse skill-sets.

In addition to delivering high profile accommodation projects, we have been heavily involved in the strategic planning for real estate acquisition & disposal. Some of our most significant achievements are summarised.

Refurbishment of Genesis Business Park

Historically this was a predominantly cellular environment that offered little scope or flexibility for Telewest’s rapidly changing business needs. Plus or Minus were instrumental in promoting a corporate shift away from high levels of cellularisation in favour of a greater number & diversity of shared 'work settings'. The success of this model was measured by a post occupancy staff survey where 89% of staff felt that the scheme had vastly improved the working environment. As a result, this model has formed the basis of a standards programme for all other corporate buildings, which is still in place today.

FM Website

We developed & maintain a secure site holding live drawn information covering the entire Telewest Broadband property portfolio. This was initiated by a nationwide audit of Telewest's properties, undertaken by Plus or Minus in early 2000, & has recently been further enhanced to include bespoke analytical tools for workplace monitoring & to provide the national P&FM team with direct access to move management protocols & templates. Development work continues on the website to provide greater levels of interaction for Telewest & its service providers.

The Mailbox – National Credit Services Centre

Located in a landmark building in central Birmingham, this project influenced the development of Telewest’s new brand values & was the first to include ‘branded’ elements within the layout & aesthetics of the office. The result is a lively, vibrant & stimulating workplace. Although the centre has an airy, open & spacious feel, it has been planned very efficiently, averaging only 68 net square feet per head.

Telewest Broadband Accommodation Guidelines

This document was created as a reference manual for the Telewest P&FM team & defines the aesthetic, spatial & other FM standards that relate to accommodation projects & initiatives of all types (new premises, low or high budget refurbishment, reconfigurations etc;) so that any building can incorporate the company's brand values, accommodation standards & best practice. This document is complemented by ‘TAG‘, Telewest Accommodation Guide, which is a guide to using & working in the office, designed with end-users & visitors in mind. Both documents are published electronically to the web & are also available in hard copy format.

National Property Portfolio Analysis

Driven by recent business developments we have been undertaking a detailed analysis of all U.K. technical & office premises. Capitalising on progress already made in bringing numerous sites in line with the accommodation model, this exercise has enabled us to provide Telewest with the information required to improve operational performance & to identify where asset redeployment & building consolidation or disposal can be most effective.