To support our approach to spatial organisation, Plus or Minus works with a concise set of methodologies including consultancy processes, client protocols & working standards, which are documented in internal publication as part of our organisational standards.

One example of these standards is our ability to capture, analyse & assess information across three areas: 

  • Organisational Drivers - addressing business critical initiatives & objectives 
  • Factual - capture of measurable data & constraints
  • Individualisation - awareness of personal opinion, desire & habits

This technique enables us to accurately interpret requirements & prioritise criteria that will support corporate drivers as well as the functional & individual needs of a company's employees. The emergence of this data collection technique is central to our ability to build on our experience & make informed, client driven decisions throughout the development of our work.

Organisational Standards

Our business operates within a set of Organisational Standards, which have evolved over time & play a fundamental part in maintaining consistency & high standards across our consultancy practices & employees. 

These standards are published in a Consultancy Service document, which defines best practice across operational & fee based activities as well as an Employee Handbook, which contains general policy statements covering a broad range of legislative & company practice subjects.